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Queer SB in the 1970s

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“Queer SB in the 1970s” shows a small piece of South Bend, Indiana’s LGBTQ+ community just a few years after Stonewall’s famous uprising.  


The Spring at Small Farms Oral History Project


An exhibit featuring oral histories and photographs of the Chase Street artesian well, a roadside spring in Gary, Indiana.

South Bend: Alive with Hope and Pride

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A showcase of fifteen images from the LGBTQ collection of the Civil Rights Heritage Center at the IU South Bend Archives. 

Civil Rights Heritage Center: 20|10 Anniversary

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In 2020, the Indiana University South Bend Civil Rights Heritage Center celebrated 20 years since its founding and 10 since its transformation of the Engman Public Natatorium.

Gloria Kaufman Papers


Explore selected publications, correspondence, video and audio recordings, photographs and ephemera from the papers of Gloria Kaufman, a trailblazing advocate for women’s rights and community outreach. The founding director of the Women's Studies program on the IU South Bend campus, Kaufman was recognized with an Indiana University Historical Marker in 2020.

IU South Bend: 200 Years in the Making


This exhibition, first mounted at South Bend's History Museum during the university's Bicentennial celebration in 2019-2020, tells the story of IU South Bend -- and IU in South Bend.