Video Gallery

In this 1976 demonstration project of "The Citizen and the Cable," an initiative of the Division of Continuing Education, Deloris Davission offers a step by step demonstration of the lithography process, the making and printing of multiple originals from stone.

Written and produced by professor Eileen Bender, Architecture, American style: the character of a community expressed in its architectural "vernacular" features footage of South Bend neighborhoods and interviews with residents.

"Inaugurating a memorial lecture series at IUSB this fall, Henry A. Kissinger warned that American security will be in jeopardy in the 1980s unless defenses are strengthened and a tougher stance is taken toward Russian use of Cuban and other 'proxies' to stir international conflict." (IU South Bend Alumni News, Fall 1979)

Three 1979 advertisements for IU South Bend. The first two advertisements feature fast and slow versions of a jingle proclaiming that IUSB offers "lifelong learning" and "evening classes." The third advertisement features a sound collage of quotes extolling the university's merits.

Excerpt from the hour-long video "The Politics of Humor: A Feminist View," directed by Gloria Kaufman. Features portions of the introduction and a puppet show about anarchist foremother Emma Goldman.