Distinguished Alumni


Photo courtesy of Saint Mary's College.

Sue Anderson (BSN 1993) is the Director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Saint Mary’s College. Prior to becoming a nurse, she worked for several years as a photojournalist. Her research has integrated her past experience as she uses photographic methods to make the voice of under-represented people heard.


Photo courtesy of MLB.com.

Jamie Moyer (BGS 1996) had one of the longest Major League Baseball careers in modern history, starting with the Chicago Cubs in 1986 and ending in 2012 with one World Series championship, an All-Star game, 269 career victories, and 25 seasons as one of the most reliable left-handed pitchers ever. He has won awards for his exceptional community service and sportsmanship. He continues to show those traits in his philanthropy.


Photo courtesy of Marc Daffinee, Hispanic Executive.

Isaac Torres (MBA 2000) is the founder and president of InterCambio Express. The business, recognized as one of “50 Indiana Companies to Watch,” specializes in wiring funds for Hispanic foreign nationals to family and friends in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries.

1987-2002: Remodeling the Idea
Distinguished Alumni