Centennial Alumni

Before there was a campus, or even courses, in north central Indiana, IU was still well-represented here by its growing number of graduates. These are just a few of the alumni (degree or non-degree [marked by “ex”]) who lived, worked, and made an impact in the area at the time of the university’s 100-year celebration in 1920. The entries for each are taken directly from the first three volumes of the Indiana University Alumni Quarterly (1914-1916).


The January 1914 edition of the Indiana University Alumni Quarterly. Courtesy of Indiana University Archives, Bloomington.

Class of 1890 to 1899

Dr. Charles Stoltz (1890) of South Bend was elected a Fellow of the Indiana Academy of Science at its recent annual meeting.

John F. Nuner (ex-1899) was recently elected superintendent of the South Bend public schools.

Class of 1900 to 1909

Allen A. Norris (1902) is a physician and surgeon in Elkhart.

Ellis H. Drake (1904), for nine years the superintendent of Elkhart schools, has accepted the same position for the Kalamazoo, Mich. schools.

Allen L. Brenner (1905), who has been at South Bend with the Oliver Chilled Plow Company for the past eight years, has gone to Brooklyn, NY where he has accepted [an accounting] position with Kirkman Brothers.

Deo W. Horton (1909) has been promoted from principal to superintendent of schools in Mishawaka.

S.B Chilled Plow Catalog page2.jpg
The South Bend Chilled Plow Company complex -- referred to as the Oliver Chilled Plow Company in Allen L. Brenner's capsule entry -- as seen in an illustrated company catalog, circa 1910s.

Class of 1910 to 1919

Ira Parker and James Peak (1911) are practicing law at South Bend.

Cecile Howe (1912), of Bloomington, was married to Harry Benner (1910). Since her graduation the bride has been teaching English in the Mishawaka high school.

Robert P. Lang (1913) is one of the managers of the South Bend Wholesale Grocery Company.

Herbert G. Imel (1914) was recently acting superintendent of the South Bend Schools.

John W. Holdeman (1914), who has been ward principal of one of the Bloomington, Ind. schools, has gone to Elkhart to accept a similar position.

Dr. C.E. Savery (1914) who for the past six months has been surgeon to the Studebaker Corporation, has severed his connection with that concern and has opened an office for general practice in South Bend.

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Centennial Alumni