In Stitches, 1991

Kaufman's second collection of feminist humor and satire featured several of her own contributions under the pseudonyms Hazel Houlihingle and Crazy Hazel. Kaufman “has an eclectic taste in humor,” said a reviewer for New Directions for Women. “Bittersweet, sidesplitting, ironic – the bases are covered.” In Feminist Bookstore News, a Eugene, Ore., bookstore owner recommended In Stitches, saying “it’s funny and we need that,” in light of recent challenges to LGBT rights.


With the permission of IU Press, this exhibit features every word written by Kaufman for In Stitches, including her introduction and short humor pieces written under psuedonyms. The introduction also includes a photo credited to Kaufman of a reader of her last collection, Pulling Our Own Strings.

"Introduction: Humor and Power"

"When Unlacing Was a Patriotic Act"

"There's No Sin on This Couch"

"Medical Logic"

"Would You Marry a Chinaman?"

"Rita's Revenge"

In Stitches, 1991