Letter to Whoopi Goldberg, 1986

Kaufman often aimed high, asking some of the biggest female names in the comedy world for contributions to her humor collections and documentaries. In 1986, she asked Goldberg to submit videotapes and photos – in return for only “a modest fee” – for her one-hour documentary “The Politics of Humor." Goldberg’s response is absent from Kaufman’s papers.

* * *

Letter from Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1993

Kaufman’s papers testify to her longtime engagement with politics – feminist and otherwise – from helping to found the IUSB Women’s Caucus to her testimony before the St. Joseph County Commission on Women. She supported Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign and sent a copy of one of her books to Hillary Clinton. Clinton wrote back, thanking Kaufman for the book as well as her support and dedication to her husband’s campaign.