Video Gallery

Excerpts from IU Journal's 1988 report on the IU South Bend Children's Theatre production of King Arthur and the Magic Sword. Features interviews with theater program director Warren Pepperdine and costume designer Jayne L. Jaynes.

Excerpt from a public service announcement on "lifelong learning" created by Indiana University Instructional Television. Features Lt. Col. (Ret.) Lynn G. Thompson, who attended IU South Bend to learn how to draw after retiring for medical reasons.

Excerpt from a 1989 IU Bloomington basketball halftime update highlighting IU South Bend's Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Features interviews with economics professor John Peck and Ernestine Raclin (representing 1st Source Bank).

Excerpts from "IUSB: Realizing the Vision," a 1993 development and fundraising video produced by the Edie Haskin Agency. Hosted by IU South Bend alumni Posi Tucker and Doug Mick. Includes a map detailing plans for expanding the campus in the coming years, presented both as a scale model and a computer graphic.

Excerpts from a 1993 IU South Bend recruitment video produced by the Edie Haskin Agency. Features interviews with chancellor Daniel Cohen and professors De Bryant, Randy Isaacson and Tom Vander Ven.

Excerpt from a 1997 IU Bloomington basketball halftime update featuring the Toradze Piano Studio and sculptor Tuck Langland.

Three 1997 advertisements for IU South Bend.