Making Memories: Michiana Students in Bloomington

Una Lenore Camp grew up in South Bend and attended Indiana University from 1913 to 1917, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts (with high distinction) in Mathematics. She was also awarded a varsity letter and was elected to a national honors society. After graduation, she taught high school math and Latin until for more than 30 years.


The first page of Una Lenore Camp's scrapbook, which she created to document her time as a student on the Bloomington campus from 1913 to 1917.


Una Lenore Camp in the Kirkwood Observatory on the IU Bloomington campus, 1915; Camp (standing, second from left) and fellow Monogram winners in the 1916 Arbutus yearbook; Camp and a friend in Dunn's Woods on the Bloomington campus, 1913.

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Emma K. Schmidt was born in Mishawaka in 1897 to Henry and Mary Schmidt. She graduated from Mishawaka High School in 1916 and then attended Indiana University until around 1918. Emma was a part of the Women’s Athletic Association and the captain of the women’s basketball team. She was also part of the Women’s League, the YWCA, and the sorority Delta Zeta.


Cover and first page of the 1916-1917 Indiana University Red Book kept by Emma K. Schmidt while she was a student at the university.


A page from a scrapbook compiled by Emma K. Schmidt while she was a student at Indiana University. The page includes a copy of a "Social Rules" pamphlet published by the university. Schmidt wrote "But⁠—were they always obeyed? Oh yes!" She also collected a small tag from the 1917 County Fair.


On another page in her scrapbook, Schmidt posted a picture of Maxwell Hall on the Bloomington campus and captioned it: "Where we registered and lost our cash."

Special thanks to Indiana University Archives, Bloomington for providing all images included on this page.

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Making Memories: Michiana Students in Bloomington