Key Moments

  • 1912: Extension Division launched at Indiana University.


A 1912 leather cigarette case with the cream and crimson Indiana University flag logo. Photo courtesy of Indiana University Archives, Bloomington.

  • 1913: First IU extension classes are offered in South Bend.

  • 1933: IU offered full freshman year of credit classes in South Bend's downtown Central High School -- first under the name Extension Center, then known as the South Bend-Mishawaka Center from the mid-1930s.


A 1916 postcard depicting South Bend High School, later renamed Central High School. Photo courtesy of The History Museum, South Bend, Indiana.

  • 1935: Student enrollment exceeded 500, leading to more classes offered at more places, including Madison School and the YMCA.

  • 1940: Lynton Caldwell named first full-time Executive Secretary of South Bend-Mishawaka Center.


Lynton Caldwell (seated, second from right) at a luncheon meeting of the South Bend-Mishawaka Extension Center. Photo courtesy of Indiana University Archives, Bloomington.